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Our Mission


Skill Building

AGBL accepts and appreciates players at every level. With practice held weekly and separately from games, players have the opportunity to learn fundamental skills and rules of the game. We believe a strong foundation builds a love for the sport. And when you love something, the journey feels more like an adventure.



There is no substitute for camaraderie, and we at AGBL believe strongly in developing team morale. With more time on the court, players learn to work with each other, highlighting their areas of strength and leaning on others in areas of vulnerability. We provide instruction on passing the ball using straight forward, effective plays to encourage more players to have more touches throughout the game. 



No player, no person, in fact, becomes great without pushing past their comfort zone. Our #1 goal at AGBL is to teach players to trust in themselves to try new things and learn from their errors. Winning is great, but it only lasts a season. Confidence in oneself lasts a lifetime, and AGBL's mission is to prepare players for the long haul.

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