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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the league Co-ed?

No. We love the NBA, but we're teaching future WNBA stars exclusively. 

Do players need to have experience to participate in games?

No, in fact, we encourage players of all different skill levels to participate. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Do practices occur separately from games?

Yes! This leaves more time to focus on the fundamentals and gives players both a chance to learn and an opportunity to showcase their developing skill sets.

Are uniforms provided?

Yes! Jersey rental is included in the fee. Players will return their jerseys at the end of each game. Let us handle the laundry!

How much do games follow Youth Basketball Guidelines?

As closely as we can given the skill level of the players. Practices and games are designed to create a learning environment where players are exposed to the rules of the game through learning opportunities both on and off the clock. 

What happens if a player needs to miss a practice or game?

Things happen, we understand. Please let us know as soon as you're aware of the absence so that coaches can plan accordingly.

Do parents need to volunteer?

No. We believe that's what you pay us for. However, a village supports growth, and we would love to help encourage you to work with your player on the continuation of skills learned in practices.

Does staff undergo background checks?

Yes! Your player's safety is our number one concern. Staff and volunteers all undergo background checks and are required to have a criminal history clean of any felonies or recent/serious misdemeanors.

What is the refund policy?

Any sessions canceled on the part of AGBL are 100% refundable. Clients who wish to cancel their registration are entitled to a full refund until 30 days prior to the start date; any cancellation after is nonrefundable.

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